Protection of Data Privacy

The protection of your data is our concern

Thank you for your interest in our enterprise, and in our products and services. We would also like you to feel safe with regard to the protection of your personal data when you visit our internet pages. Because we take the protection of your personal data very serious. Observing the regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act is a matter of course for us and goes without saying.

We would like you to know, when we collect data and which data we collect, and how we use this data. We have technical and organizational measures in place, which ensure that the regulations regarding the protection of data privacy are observed by us, and also by the external service providers we have engaged.

Personal data

Personal data is information relating to your identity. This information includes, for example, your name, your address, phone number and your electronic mail address. The use of our internet page does not require you to surrender any personal data. We will, however, need your name and your address as well as further details in certain cases, so that we may be able to render the services requested.

The same applies for the shipment of informative material and of goods ordered, or to be able to reply to individual questions. We will indicate this correspondingly, if such information is required. We will furthermore only store and process such data, which you have voluntarily provided to us.

The data automatically collected by the provider when you visit our internet pages (e.g. your IP-address and the names of the pages you have visited, of the browser you use and of your operating system, the date and time of access, the search engines used and the names of the downloaded files) is at our disposal, if we require the disclosure of such.

If you request the performance of services, we will generally only collect the data necessary to provide those services. In as far as we ask for more detailed information, then such provision of data is to be regarded as voluntary. The processing of personal data is performed exclusively for the fulfillment of the requested service and for the preservation of our own legitimate business interests.

Specific purpose of personal data

We generally use the personal data you have made available to answer your inquiries, for the processing of your orders, or to provide you with access to certain information or offerings.

Data automatically collected when visiting our internet pages

The following data is saved by our provider for organizational and for technical reasons when you utilize our internet pages:

  • the names of the pages you have accessed, of the browser you have used and of your operating system, the date and the time of access, the search engines used, the names of the downloaded files and their IP-address.


If you go to one of our web sites, we may send information to your computer in the form of a cookie. Cookies are little text files, which are sent to your browser by a web server and are saved on the hard disk of your computer.

No personal data of the user is thereby stored, apart from the IP-address. This information serves to automatically recognize you at your next visit on our web sites, and to make navigation easier for you.

You can, of course, also look at our web sites without receiving cookies. If you do not want us to be able to recognize your computer, then you can prevent the storing of cookies on your hard disk by selecting "do not accept cookies" in the settings of your browser. Please refer to the instructions of your browser manufacturer to find out how this works in particular. However, if you do not accept any cookies, this may lead to functional restrictions regarding our offers.


We have provided for technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data from loss, destruction, manipulation and unauthorized access. Every one of our employees and all persons involved in the processing of data are committed to comply with and abide by the Federal Data Protection Act and with other legislation relevant for the protection of data privacy, and to deal correspondingly with confidential personal data.

Amendment of our data protection regulations

We reserve the right to amend our security- and data protection measures, in as far as such becomes necessary due to technical developments. In these cases, we will also correspondingly adapt our references regarding the protection of data privacy. Therefore, please take note of the respectively valid version of our Data Protection Statement.

Right to demand information

You may at any time request information concerning the data we have stored about you.

Right of objection

You may furthermore revoke your consent to the collection, processing and use of your personal data by us at any time.

Questions, suggestions, complaints

If you have any questions regarding our references to the protection of data privacy or regarding the processing of your personal data, you can consult our data protection officer directly. He is also at your disposal as the contact person for information requests, for suggestions or for complaints.

When required, please write to the

Data Protection Officer of DIEPA 
Mr. Thomas Röttger
Damaschkestraße 30
96465 Neustadt bei Coburg

Phone: 09568 924113
Fax 09568 924182

or you can send an e-mail to